Fresh winter air is good for the soul

I spent countless hours of my childhood outside playing regardless of the weather.

One of my favorite photos growing up is of me on cross country skis walking around my house, on a track my parents made for me while my mum watched me from the kitchen window cooking dinner. The weather didn’t matter, I was always outside. Fresh air is one of the things Scandinavian’s swear by to keep healthy - both in mind and body. You will commonly hear the saying ‘it’s good for the soul’, when people decide they need to get up and go outside.

I thought I would give you some Scandi inspired outdoor games and activities that will totally make you forget the cold wind, feel like a child again and get those lungs breathing some fresh air.

Finska The ultimate social game for any age. From Finland, this is an addictive log-tossing game. It is an ancient and unique game that will entertain big and little folk, be it on the beach, park or in your own backyard.

Frozen witch We played frozen witch for endless hours growing up. It’s simple, fun and surprisingly physical. Choose one witch (no pun intended) and they are responsible for freezing everyone else. If you get frozen you have to stand still with your legs a bit apart so someone can crawl through them. The only way to get unfrozen is for someone to crawl through. The aim of the game is for the witch to freeze everybody. You can play with more witches if it’s a big group or swap after a while if required. This game will make you warm regardless of weather!

Nordic walking Ok, so I will be the first one to admit this is kinda dorky, but it’s a full body workout and if there was snow where I lived, I would do it on skies. Don’t diss it until you have tried it as this is a gentle yet very effective way of warming up your body and using every part of it! So grab a pair of walking stick (either poles or some sticks from the garden) and swing those arms and legs and get walking. God tur//: happy tour.

We hope a few of these ideas inspired you to grab your anorak and go breath some fresh air this winter!

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