The Nordic Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

One thing the Scandinavians do really well is we make the most of the darker months and get through winter with minimal sniffles and colds. It’s the months for hibernation and everything just goes a bit slower.   

Here are my top 5 Nordic inspired tips for getting through winter and beating those blues and sniffles.  

Sleep with the window open In Norway we sleep with the window open all winter; cold air is good for you. Our babies sleep outdoors in a pram from a very early age. It means you need a warm duvet and preferably a woolen layer on your mattress, but it might just be the best sleep you’ve ever had!  

Create hygge Light a candle, cuddle up with a blanket, make a hot tea and embrace the dark silence of winter. Hygge is at the heart of getting through winter in Scandinavia.   

Cinnamon, ginger and clove tea This is sure to warm you from the inside and out. Bring it with you in a thermos for a walk outside.  

• 4 ginger slices  

• 4" piece cinnamon  

• 1/4 tsp cloves  

• 2 cups boiling water  

• Honey (optional)  

For big folk, who do have sniffles and a cold, my mother swears by a glass of whiskey. Yes, it’s the best for a winter cold and Scandinavian’s swear by it!  

Connect with a friend and go walking We love walking in Scandinavia and walking with a friend is sure to get you talking, connecting and feeling lighter. The unpronounceable word of friluftsliv, which translates loosely to ‘free-air life’ represents a philosophy focusing on our place in the natural world, where we are meant to be, and gets Scandinavian people outdoors and into nature every single day.   

Langom - just the right amount Scandinavian people take a moderate approach to all things in life - from food to work. This way of living is called lagom, and is a large part of Nordic philosophy. It has been said to be a reason why Scandinavian countries are as healthy as they are. 


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