Spring has Sprung

What is spring to you? Spring is my favorite time of the year. The days are a little longer and lighter, the birds are chirping, the sun has some warmth to it - spring is here! Now is the time to enjoy your fritid//: free time with family, friends or just by yourself.  

Below is few activities I love to do during spring time, making the most of this time of year:

- Eat breakfast outside: Rug up so you are warm and enjoy thick cut toast and a runny boiled egg in the outdoors. We have chickens at home so have the luxury of fresh eggs, which are extra special.

-  Spring is the perfect time for a gin-fling! If you live in Victoria, head to Daylesford Macedon Ranges for a few sneaky gin's whilst enjoying the country side - click here for more information 

- Visit one of the many regions in your state for a day trip and enjoy all of the spring flowers. Tulips are the stars of the show at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival in Victoria, Tulip Time Festival in NSW and The annual Bloomin' Tulips Festival in Tasmania

- Head to a farmers market and pick up some delicious food, direct from the producer.

- Get out in the garden and plant some seeds. There is nothing more satisfying than watching your own produce grow. My kids go out each day and pick the snow peas each day from our garden.

Grab your anorak and go!

Love Jemma (Co-Founder of Anorakki) x

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Bowral Tulip Time Festival in Southern Highlands of NSW is my favourite event for tulips. Considered as one of Australia’s oldest and most beloved floral festivals.

Flowerhub.com.au January 08, 2022

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