About our designer of our anorak jackets - R-Collection

Made to last a lifetime 

R-Collection, a family-owned Finnish company, is renowned for their anorak jackets, which have been popular with hip Scandinavians since the 1970s.

Practical details and carefully chosen materials are key to R-Collection’s design. Sustainability is vital. Their garments are defined by high functionality and durability, which is demanded by the harsh Finnish climate. Fabrics are tried and tested so they can endure the changes in weather as being thrown in the washing machine.


    Photo - Sanni Vierelä Designer at R-Collection 

    Meet Lilli Norio. the head designer at R-Collection:

    ‘We want you to put on our clothes, stop for a second to appreciate the functionality and beauty, and then forget about it and go do interesting things. There is no need to be careful with our clothes, life only makes them more beautiful.

    We don’t separate everyday life from celebration. For us the biggest luxury is to be able to run, sail, dance and chop wood wearing the same clothes’.

    The Saastamoinen family founded R-Collection in 1978 because he wanted to make clothes that his group of friends, the cool kids, would love. Coolness and functionality have gone hand in hand since the beginning. R-Collection is all about these contrasts.

    The anorak is suitable for hiking, but is loved by urbanites. We aim for extreme functionality while being determined in the pursuit of aesthetics.