Your anorak is made of 100% cotton and is unlined, so you can wear it all year round - simply adjust the number of layers you wear underneath.

  • Winter: We like to layer with natural materials such as cotton, wool and silk.
  • Base layer: close to the skin, such as a long sleeved top.
  • Middle layer: is all about warmth, so your favourite woollen jumper, cardigan or vest is perfect as a second layer if it’s cold.
  • Your Anorak- Outer layer: shields you from wind and rain.

You can peel off layers if things heat up and your anorak is light enough to fit in your bag as you continue on your journey.

Autumn and Spring: When the weather is often mild but can quite unpredictable, then use a t-shirt or singlet as a base layer and add a middle layer if it’s chilly.

Summer: Simply wear a t-shirt or singlet and carry your anorak with you as protection from the wind, sun and any summer showers. The anorak jacket is 100% cotton so it lets your skin breathe.