Timeless and practical design have attracted the Scandinavian Folk to wear their anorak jacket for several decades. In fact, most cannot remember it never not having an anorak jacket in their lives.

I was born in Norway, more precisely a small town called Drammen. I was born into a practical family, the daughter of an engineer and teacher. In my family nothing was wasted and items were handed down. When the time came to get my first anorak, it was only natural that I was gifted my grandmas. I can remember getting my anorak and wearing it no matter the weather.  

My father, a man who is now close to 70, that still goes for long runs in the forest, always insisted we go on a two hour bush walk each Sunday.  

My hand-me-down anorak got tried and tested in every weather condition imaginable. I have beautiful loving memories from this time, and it created a sense of adventure in me.  

After becoming a mother myself, so many things changed including what I wanted to wear. I looked for a beautiful all round practical jacket. I wanted a jacket that was a natural material, ethically made and that I could throw in the washing machine. I wanted a jacket that still looked good when I went for a walk or went for brunch at a café. I wanted a jacket that I could wear in all sorts of weather and could roll up to fit in my bag. I wanted a jacket that would allow me to be active with my kids, although maybe not as active as my father!

So I found that jacket that combined practicality and style and have brought it to Australia and New Zealand, a jacket that I wanted for my little adventurers and myself.

Silje x