Your Urban Anorak is an updated version of the Classic Anorak which has been designed to suit our busy urban lives, while still maintaining all the features that have made the anorak a much-loved staple in Scandinavian wardrobes for generations.

Your Urban Anorak has been designed in Finland by R-Collection for over 40 years and ethically made in Cambodia and Australia, and it has been tried and tested in the harshest of weather conditions.

Your anorak is made to last from high quality brushed cotton, which is soft, comfortable and allows for easy movement. A coating makes the fabric stain, water and wind repellent while maintaining its natural softness and breathability.  The fabric will age beautifully and will allow your skin to breathe. Your anorak is unlined, making it versatile enough to be worn all year round - simply adjust the number of layers you wear under your anorak and you will be protected from the weather so you can enjoy your fritid (free time) all year.

We firmly believe your anorak jacket will look and feels more beautiful with wear and age.

     Fabric care instructions

    Your anorak will endure life, weather and the washing machine. Take good care of it and it will last a lifetime.

    • Only wash when necessary and spot cleaning is recommended to best maintain the natural coating
    • Never wash with fabric softener and wash by itself
    • When you do wash the anorak jacket, cold water is best and the maximum recommended temperature is 40 degrees
    • Ironed inside out. Ironing inside out will help build the water repellent coating
    • Store and pack away with care, and in a non-damp environment