The design of the Classic Children’s Anorak takes into consideration how your children explore and live life through movement. The anorak is comfortable and soft, made from 100% cotton. The front pocket is perfectly positioned on the chest, with plenty of room to keep little treasures safe and to store new ones collected along the way. The hood provides excellent protection so wind and rain needn’t get in the way of a great adventure.

The Classic Children’s Anorak is durable enough to cope with heavy wear and is designed to be worn while your children grow, with an adjustable drawstring and sleeves that can be rolled up or down. With the right size, your children can wear their anorak jacket for a few years or pass it down to others in the family.

The Classic Children’s Anorak colours are vibrant and fun, and your little adventurer will love to choose their favourite.

Fabric care instructions 

Your anorak will endure life, weather and the washing machine. Take good care of it and it will last a lifetime.

  • Only wash when necessary and spot cleaning is recommended to best maintain the natural coating
  • Never wash with fabric softener and wash by itself
  • When you do wash the anorak jacket, cold water is best and the maximum recommended temperature is 40 degrees
  • Ironed inside out. Ironing inside out will help build the water repellent coating
  • Store and pack away with care, and in a non-damp environment
The coating makes the anorak water resistant