Where's the next adventure taking you?

I always like to have my next holiday planned. It can be as small as a night away camping or a month-long overseas holiday. But having something to look forward to, where I get to see something new, spend time with loved ones and explore the outdoors, is what excites me.

I’m the kind of traveler that's just as happy to live a life of luxury at a five-start resort as I am camping in a remote location. Before the year is out we’ve got lots of travel plans: a weekend away with my Anorakki co-founder Silje and her family at Venus Bay, camping at Point Leo, a weekend with family friends at Apollo Bay and camping over Christmas at Marlo and Mallacoota. Lots of driving but I can't wait!

The one part of traveling I'm not so keen on is the packing and unpacking. In fact, the thought of organising all the gear for me, my hubby, two kids and our fur baby has me biting my nails already. At least the one item I know I can throw in and will without fail prove useful, is our anorak jackets. They roll up easily, we can dress them up or down and they are weather-proof. Which is more than I can say for our old tent! Our anoraks can also be thrown straight into the washing machine when we get home, and they come out like new. Voila.

Where's your next adventure? And what don’t you leave home without? We'd love to hear!

Jemma x

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Hi Jemma, We are off to New Zealand and the first item I’m packing is my lovely pink anorak! With the variable weather we are having this Spring in Melbourne, I have been lucky to be able to give my anorak a good workout!! Thank you so much, I absolutely love and treasure this garment. Also brings back so many family memories .

Enjoy your adventures, I know I will enjoy mine.

Ingrid Johnson

Ingrid Johnson January 08, 2022

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