Fritid//: Free Time


In Scandinavia, anoraks are worn during our fritid//: free time. Fritid is a Norwegian term and can be defined as non-structured, non-formal time spent with family, friends or just yourself.

At Anorakki, we think fritid sums up what we are all about – practical, well designed, quality jackets for the whole family that can be used during our leisure time.

Just like the Danish work Hygee, that has become popular. We think fritid should as well. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a bit more fritid!

How do you ensure you get to enjoy your fritid time? Over the next few months, we are going to put together some ideas we have and we would love to hear from you. As far as we are concerned, the more time you have to yourself and those you want to be surrounded by, the better life can be!

We don’t separate everyday life from celebration. For us the biggest luxury is to be able to run, sail, dance and chop wood wearing the same clothes’. Lilli Noro - Head Designer at R-Collection

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