We have an anorak for everyone to enjoy your fritid//: free time

Our anorak jacket range is made for everyone - boys, girls, men, women and everyone in between (have you seen our Instagram page with Paul the dog in anorak?)

Our adult range starts from size XXS to L (with pre-orders available for up to XXL) and kids anorak jackets cater for children 18 months and up.

With such a range of sizes for children and adults, getting out and enjoying your time in whatever way gives you happiness is something we are really passionate about. In Norway this is referred to as 'fritid' which directly translates into free time. It is time for you to do whatever brings you lykke//: happiness.

For me being outside, no matter the weather, allowing me to stay in the experience is how I enjoy spending my fritid. Roaming the forest around where I lived as a child with a snack carefully tucked away in my front anorak pocket, would keep me going for hours. I would also use the front pocket to collect all different treasures from the forest - leaves, rocks, flowers and bring them home to show my parents.

The feeling of freedom is still something I try to go back to today when I need time out from a busy life. I recall my fascination with exploring the life under a rock and completely forgetting time or place. So whatever your fritid is to you, we have an anorak to come with you.

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