The one you had forever 

When I bought my first Anorakki jacket, I loved it, but years on I still wear it on all my adventures.
It was the jacket that always hung on the hook. The first I picked up - for any reason and for most reasons, as a busy, active person and mum.
So easy to throw on, the biggest pockets in any jacket I have ever owned. Weather resistant too, so a drizzle doesn’t matter.
Cotton, oh the cotton I love, it breaths and it’s not too hot, yet zipped up, it keeps heat inside.
Like me, you will never regret investing in an anorak! Our customers feel the same way!
I love my anorak and I loved it so much that this is now the anorak jacket we share with you. Traditional Scandinavian design, ethically made - there's a reason the anorak has been around for centuries.
Will it hang on your hook?
Silje x

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