Fashion for the future

A large part of our Anorakki journey has focused on the environmental impact of fashion. Prior to Anorakki, I admit to mostly having my head in the sand – I would purchase items without thinking of the environmental or ethical impact, mostly because they were cheap or convenient. Becoming a mother and starting Anorakki forced me to consider the resources we use and the state we are leaving the planet in, for the next generation.
I want a world where my children and in turn, their children, can experience their fritid//: free time like I do – bushwalking, exploring insects, building tree houses, seeing wildlife and snorkelling in the sea. And even if it’s not those activities, they have the freedom and the choice to observe nature at its best.
Silje and I hope Anorakki can contribute to this vision. When you buy an anorak, it’s an item that’s made to last, to be passed down through generations, to be worn through many seasons. By buying once but buying well, you can help save many valuable resources. 
We are not perfect in our consumption and impact but if we lead by example and make a conscious effort, it will help shape the world for future generations.
The image we share is a capsule wardrobe we put together (a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don't go out of fashion). The wardrobe has some ethically made, slow fashion items featuring Anorakki, Outland Denim, Theo the Label, Nature Footwear and Kappi Life. This wardrobe will last for many years and is eternally stylish and practical. Now that’s the kind of fashion that rocks our world.

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