Anorak jackets - the ultimate yoga accessory

Anoraks and yoga are an unbeatable combination, like Batman and Robin. They just go better together. When heading out to a yoga class, I always wear my anorak jacket – it protects me from the wind and rain and the cotton allows my skin to breathe, especially good after a hot yoga session.

Yoga is just one way I love to enjoy my fritid//:free time. It’s fast becoming a Saturday morning ritual. I get dressed whilst my children are asleep and creep out of the house, praying no-one hears me or wakes up. I always grab my anorak jacket as I pass the clothes rack.

The class is run by my good friend Megan, who has a calming and authentic way about her.

I love taking the time to do my yoga practice. It lets me forget about my busy schedule and I can just concentrate on me. It might sound self-indulgent, but it's important to do. It's that little bit of ‘me time' in a busy day. And we all deserve that. 


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