A first - Slow Fashion Market

The Coburg Slow fashion market was our first market. Being complete novices and a late entry, we had a 1000 ideas and two weeks to pull it together.

We enlisted the help of our family and friends. Husbands built our wooden clothes racks, Trav’s Trees cut tree stumps for props and our mother’s packed anoraks. We felt pretty chuffed to see it all come together and loved our little stand.

The absolute highlight, however was meeting all of you that are looking for an alternative to fast fashion, that make your choices based on ethics, impact on the environment and the sustainable longevity of a product. There was so much passion and care, which gave the market a special feel!

Here are some of the things we heard from you:

I love finding a quality outdoor wear that looks good and is so versatile. Other alternatives look like you want to climb a mountain or are too pretty and unpractical to walk the dog in or take the kids to school.

Having a practical every day slow fashion, ethically made alternative is great. It is hard to find a jacket like that!

Oh gosh these colours!! I am in love with this tangerine!

These larger pockets with zips, how practical! I don’t need a bag when dashing out in this jacket!

We will keep you posted when we do another market and can’t wait to meet you then!

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I’m absolutely in love with my urban model. Wearing it almost daily and blown away with the quality and versatility. It’s a lot warmer than it looks which is perfect in Melbourne weather. 5/5 stars :)

Dorit May 27, 2019

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